Though a new fence can add security and increase the value of a property without punching a hole in your pocket, their quality deteriorates with the passage of time. If you don’t want a gray and sagging wooden fence to welcome your guests, start looking for a company offering cleaning and restoration services. Though you can try a DIY, just a few repairs and a wash with an expensive power washer is not sufficient to regain the appeal of your fences. Only a professional with years of experience in the industry knows how to clean them efficiently before applying a coat of oil stain.

Cleaning and Restoration Service in Surrey

Looking for Cleaning and Restoration Service in Surrey? Renew Your Fences in 4 Easy Steps

  • Clean The Wood With Power Washer

If the warm and rich glow of the cedar fence has vanished with the passage of time, the easiest way to deal with the discoloured and shabby-looking product is with a power washer. It will help you to get rid of the aged wood cells which have become the surface layer and expose the fresh wood layer lying beneath it. If you are willing to preserve the appeal of this new layer of wood, let the professional choose a suitable exterior wood oil fence stain.

  • Choose The Right Power Washer

Unless you have experience in cleaning and restoring wooden fences, getting in touch with an experienced professional offering the service is always advisable as they can help you select suitable power washer equipment. A majority of them are quite aggressive and can strip off the wood with grime and dirt if not used properly. Using the right spraying technique is a must if you don’t want to erode the wood deeply and ruin its performance and appeal.

  • Restore The Damaged Pieces

If you notice that there are numerous damaged pieces, get in touch with a renowned company offering cleaning and restoration service in Surrey instead of trying a DIY. They ensure that the wood is dried for at least 24 hours before applying a clamp, waterproof glue or tape. It is not only about gluing damaged pieces but the damaged boards are also replaced, the loose boards refastened and the protruding nails rectified, turnbuckle support is also used to straighten a sagging gate.

  • Stain The Fence

Choose a suitable semi transparent fence stain and roll it over the dry wood. The natural colour of the wooden fence can also be preserved by using an exterior semi transparent oil stain. The wood is sealed so there are not many variations in their grain or colour, you can also add pigment to get a specific colour tone.

This being said, it’s time you follow the steps stated above or get in touch with a company offering cleaning and restoration services and renewing your fences will become easier.